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BIM software can easily produce 3D models but often it can have flat unimpressive graphics. The aim of this site is to demonstrate that most software has the capability to produce impressive results with the right skills and techniques. We’ll also review the best products, textures and plugins for enhancing your BIM skills and producing amazing renderings from your BIM model with a just few simple steps. We will show how to take poor quality 3D models to professional standards. We will demonstrate techniques, tutorials and recommend products to assist commercial offices in implementing best practice stndards and show how to make your BIM model work for you, not you work for it!

To this end we intend to demonstrate workflows for each stage of a projects development as well as offering a free resource and materials database consolidated on this site. We will also provide links to sites of interest and inspiration. Whether you are a student, professional, animator, 3D artist, film industry pro, interior designer, hobbyist, an aspiring digital artist, an architect, engineer or just someone who enjoys the artistry of digital matte painting, we hope to offer something fun and useful. We love all the artists who produce these amazing visuals and want to celebrate their achievement as well as highlight opportunities for people to learn these skills.

There are many excellent websites devoted on learning how to use the fundamentals of software but very few reveal the techniques and tiny changes that really impact how to make that software produce brilliant images in a way that is both simple and game changing. There is gap in a lot of tutorials on intermediate steps for replicate results especially once you have mastered the basics. We hope to consolidate these steps for maximizing the graphical output of your BIM software in plain simple language without jargon and unfamiliar terms that you would need a doctorate to understand. Further we intend to review all the greatest architectural and interior visualization products out there now. We’re looking at real actionable steps to take you from BIM to brilliant.