Rendering Options in BIM- Premium or Freemium

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There are two approaches to a BIM workflow for rendering purposes. One is to render with the programs internal engine (or a plugin but still within the program) and the other is to export out to a third party rendering program. From an employers point of view the preference is always for the ‘magic bullet‘ or one program that does everything. Revit comes close to this but is let down by limited options on rendering output. The internal rendering engine takes too long and the ‘render in the cloud options’ limits the number of high quality renders you can make. I have seen comparisons, which will claim rendering in Revit can match 3D Max for speed but these examples are usually simple models devoid of high quality textures or complex lighting. So if you cant use a ‘magic bullet’ or one piece of software that will rule them all; how do you proceed? The answer is that if you have good software funds just use the best rendering software for your needs and if you don’t want to spend the money, then go the low cost route. Ill cover both these workflow options below


1- The Premium Workflow:

2- The Low Cost/ ‘Freemium’ Workflow:


The Low Cost/ ‘Freemium’ Workflow:

This workflow emphasizes utilizing the open source software available at no cost. We will also showcase low price student offers for leading software programs which will allow you to jump to the professional grade training. That said if this not available to you the open source software will still allow you to learn the principles of the professional workflow for no cost but remember that the lower the cost the more effort is usually required (You get what you pay for). Premium software is generally less restricted in what it can do and faster. For the purposes of learning you can’t beat this approach and the skills are largely transferable. This section will assume you’re beginner and cover a lot of basic things

1-Creating: Google Sketchup

2-Rendering: Kerkythea

3-Post production: Gimp


The Professional workflow

This is the gold standard. Expect to see stunning results. We will highlight and review the best paid courses, the best tutorials and the best resources; If time is a factor, utilize this route. This work flow will cover gold standard dominant software and best practices

1-Creating: Autodesk Revit & Archicad

2-Rendering: Autodesk 3DS Max & Vray

3-Post production: Adobe Photoshop